August 31, 2008

Who St. Anthony M. Zaccaria is for you?

1. How has Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria been an inspiration to you?
Saint Anthony Zaccaria has been an inspiration by his extraordinary embrace of patience despite many obstacles. He was quoted as saying, “No one can come close to God unless he willingly practices patience in many tribulations."

2. What is the spiritual message St. Anthony Zaccaria proclaims? How did he proclaim it, e.g., by witness, practice, verbal or written proclamation?
Saint Anthony Zaccaria's message is that his followers have the capacity to become great saints. They need to give back to Jesus Crucified the good qualities and graces that He has given to them. He manifested this in the way he lived his life and proclaimed it in verbal and written form.
3. What are the dates and times Saint Anthony Zaccaria lived?

What influenced them to be charged with living the gospel of Jesus Christ?Saint Anthony Zaccaria was born in Cremona, Italy in 1502 and died there in 1539. After several years of caring for people's bodies as a physician, Saint Anthony felt a greater urge to care for their souls.
Genuine love for his fellowman influenced him to be charged with living the gospel of Jesus Christ as a priest.
4. Did Saint Anthony Zaccaria start a religious order or foundation or create many followers?
Saint Anthony Zaccaria was the founder of three religious groups; Clerics Regular of St. Paul known as The Barnabites (priests), The Angelic Sisters of Saint Paul (nuns) and The Laity of Saint Paul.
5. What is the '"take home message" you want us to remember about Saint Anthony Zaccaria so that his spirituality now becomes a part of our spirituality?
Saint Anthony Zaccaria held Jesus Christ in the forefront of his mind. He never wavered in this regard. Like Christ, Saint Anthony Zaccaria with his love and compassion lived to ease the burdens of those less fortunate.
written by Ms. Fran Stahlecker