November 11, 2008

366 Spiritual Sayings of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

by Fr. Giovanni M. Villa, CRSP, Superior General of the Barnabite Fathers

"I am pleased to present to you this calendar with St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria’s thoughts, which will accompany you during the days of the year. These thoughts are taken from the writings of this Saint, who lived in the 16th century: a time very similar to our time, which is marked by great transformation and a decadence of faith and religious morals. The people of St. Anthony Mary’s time had a need of a convincing and persuasive example and testimony. It was for this that he chose St. Paul the Apostle as his spiritual guide and master. Like St. Paul who had been completely changed by the grace of the Lord, so St. Anthony Mary desired that everyone might carry out the “reform”: change oneself according to Jesus’ word, so that he may in turn change others and the society he lives in."....

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