December 15, 2007


1. Knowledge is spiritual not only because it comes from the spirit or because it deals with spiritual things, but because it renders its possessor spiritual.

2. Spiritual knowledge is a light given only by God which enlightens and warms the mind.

3. Spiritual knowledge enlightens every man willing to come to Christ and to the real virtues. Therefore, those who possess it can judge everything without being judged.

4. Spiritual knowledge is the beloved daughter of the most humble humility and mother of true discretion. Its proper keys are total renunciation, profound humility, pure chastity, steadfastness and unshakeable faith.

5. There are few who possess the above-mentioned things, and who can conclude that many are foolish, since those who try to open this book of doctrine without these keys toil in vain.

6. Spiritual knowledge goes hand in hand with the purity of heart. Without it the heart gets smeared and is full of filthy imaginings.

7. If you want to gain this knowledge do not bother to know or investigate high and curious things.

8. Spiritual knowledge sees many of the hidden things of the alien heart.

9. Spiritual knowledge knows how to speak about spiritual things and how to convince and teach by example. It can be liken to a burning ember in the fire, so in a similar way the listeners are sweetly melted into Christ.

10. Spiritual knowledge does not allow errors to pass without proper punishment.

11. This knowledge eliminates any prudence of the flesh and craftiness of man. It renders one simple as a dove yet wise and prudent like a serpent.

12. Although this knowledge has the external appearance of the letter, which appreciates very little, it surpasses any other knowledge. It confuses the foolish and arrogant philosophers and theologians.

13. The one who wants to gain this knowledge must always aspire for Christ Crucified and love the cross in all tribulations, since this kind of doctrine is not given to those who are fainthearted, lukewarm, negligent, proud, distracted, or to those who are subjected to passions.

14. If you see someone deprived of spiritual knowledge, you should know that he is most likely wrapped up in our defects.

15. A person grows in spiritual knowledge as much as in their growth in true virtues.

16. Though someone might give the impression of possessing this doctrine, his way of life will reveal if this is the truth or a hypocrisy.

17. You who have an obscured heart, and cannot speak about Christ or about virtue, because you are always busy with vain thoughts, and words be aware of God's judgment. The one who is deprived of this knowledge walks in darkness with great danger to his soul.

18. This knowledge has always been rare, and the moment we can hardly find any trace of it.

19. We have to fear more the lack of spiritual knowledge in the faithful, than the affliction of all calamities. The calamities cannot change or corrupt this knowledge, but this knowledge can well mitigate every pain and every torment.

20. Although you possess external knowledge, if you are deprived of this spiritual knowledge with which you could instruct yourself and others, then you are hardly different from the animals.

21. Spiritual knowledge is hidden in various ways in the Scriptures, and can in no way be grasped by those who are simply curious.

22. Often a little old lady is wiser with this knowledge than any theologian learned in the Holy Trinity and other mysteries.

23. Spiritual knowledge has by far preceded the surface of the letter, and indeed it does not need it. As Saint Paul says, the letter kills, while the spirit gives life.

24. Spiritual knowledge does not immediately teach what has been learned through meditation. Rather, it teaches what has been practiced through long experience.

25. Spiritual knowledge is different from the human one, or literature, because it is given only to the pure of heart, while the other is acquired only through study and is found among the impure.

26. Spiritual knowledge renders a quiet man steadfast and prudent, where as human knowledge is found in those who are unstable, restless, and hasty.

27. Spiritual knowledge rejects curiosity, and the fruitless philosophy, which is embraced by the sensual knowledge with great desire.

28. Spiritual knowledge has compassion for the neighbor, the learned one is full of slanderous and derision. In short, the first is prudence and the second is foolishness.

29. Spiritual knowledge wants to be, but not to be noticed, while the learned cares more about being noticed than being, and is happier with a superficial pompous appearance, boasting about himself while criticizing others.

30. Spiritual knowledge requires a perfect and holy teacher. It also requires a disciple who not only wants to learn but wants to put into action what he has learned. At this time, both those who can teach, and those who want to learn are rare.

31. A spiritual teacher must live a pure life, rather than live by sensuality like an animal.

32. If the teacher does not practice what he teaches or teaches contrary to what he practices and the disciple, nonetheless, learns the knowledge of the spirit, the teacher should not be proud of it, because the doctrine does not go of its own power. The teacher cannot instill in the disciple that which he does not posses. It has been the Holy the Spirit acting in this case.

33. The moral doctrine, universal by definition and in its distribution, cannot be called spiritual knowledge but, rather material. To speak, and to dispute about the Angels, God, and the properties of things without a pure life is not spiritual knowledge. In short, the more somebody wants to learn and teach higher, and more subtle things without a purity of life, the more he exposes himself to greater ruin.

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