May 16, 2008

MAY - On Spiritual Knowlegde

May 1
Knowledge is spiritual not only because it comes from the spirit or because it deals with spiritual things, but because it renders its possessor spiritual.
May 2
Spiritual knowledge is a light given only by God, which enlightens and infuses the mind.
May 3
Spiritual knowledge enlightens a person who is willing to come to Christ and to the real virtues. He who therefore possesses it can judge anything without being judged himself.
May 4
Spiritual knowledge is the beloved daughter of humility and the mother of true discretion. Total renunciation, profound humility, pure chastity, steadfast and unshakeable faith are its very keys.
May 5
Spiritual knowledge goes hand in hand with purity of heart. Without spiritual knowledge the heart gets smeared and becomes full of worldly fantasies.
May 6
If you want to gain spiritual knowledge, do not seek to know or investigate high and lofty things.
May 7
Spiritual knowledge sees the deepest secrets of the heart.
May 8
Spiritual knowledge does speak of spiritual things and convinces and teaches by example. Spiritual knowledge can then be liken to a burning coal that sweetly consumes its listeners in Christ.
May 9
Spiritual knowledge eliminates the craftiness and deceit of men. It makes man simple like a dove, and wise and prudent like a serpent.
May 10
Spiritual knowledge surpasses all other knowledge. It confuses philosophers and theologians. It appreciates little though it may appear externally insignificant.
May 11
He who wants to gain spiritual knowledge must always desire for Christ Crucified and love the cross in all its pain. The doctrine of spiritual knowledge is not given to those who are fainthearted, lukewarm, negligent, proud, distracted, or to those who are dominated by their passions.
May 12
One grows in spiritual knowledge as much as he grows in true virtues.
May 13
Though one might give the impression of possessing spiritual knowledge, his way of life will show if he truly possesses it or not.
May 14
You whose heart is obscured and who cannot speak about Christ or about the virtues because you are too often preoccupied with useless thoughts and empty words, take care that you do not fall in God's judgment. He who is deprived of spiritual knowledge walks in darkness with great danger to his soul.
May 15
Spiritual knowledge has always been rare, even more so at the present time, one can hardly find a trace of it.
May 16
There is more reason to fear when spiritual knowledge is lacking in the faithful, than when calamities afflict them. Calamities cannot change or corrupt spiritual knowledge. Instead, spiritual knowledge can well alleviate any pain and suffering.
May 17
Even though you possess human knowledge, if you are deprived of spiritual knowledge with which you could instruct others or yourself, you are no less different from animals.
May 18
Spiritual knowledge is hidden in many ways in the Scriptures, and can in no way be grasped by those who are simply curious.
May 19
Most of the time, a poor old person who possesses spiritual knowledge is wiser than a theologian learned in the Holy Trinity and other mysteries.
May 20
Spiritual knowledge goes beyond any external meaning of the letter. Saint Paul says the letter kills, while the spirit gives life.
May 21
Spiritual knowledge does not immediately teach what has been learned through meditation; rather, it teaches what has long been practiced through experience.
May 22
Spiritual knowledge is different from human knowledge in that spiritual knowledge is given only to those who are pure, while human knowledge, which is acquired through study, is found mostly among the impure.
May 23
Spiritual knowledge makes a person unwaveringly peaceful and prudent. Worldly knowledge is found in those who are restless, impulsive, and unstable.
May 24
Spiritual knowledge rejects curiosity and any fruitless philosophy, which worldly knowledge embraces with great desire.
May 25
Spiritual knowledge sympathizes with the neighbor; worldly knowledge is full of calumny and mockery. In short, spiritual knowledge is prudence, worldly knowledge is foolishness.
May 26
Spiritual knowledge wants to be what it is, and not just appear to be what it is not, while worldly knowledge cares more about appearing to be what it is not than being what it is. Worldly knowledge acclaims externalities and pomp; it praises itself and despises others.
May 27
Spiritual knowledge requires a perfect and holy teacher. It also requires a disciple who does not only want to learn but also wants to put into action what he has learned. At this time, both those who want to teach, and those who want to learn are rare.
May 28
One cannot be called a spiritual teacher unless he lives a pure life.
May 29
Spiritual knowledge does not allow errors to pass without giving them their due punishment.
May 30
If the teacher does not practice what he teaches or teaches contrary to what he practices, yet his disciple nonetheless learns the knowledge of the spirit, the teacher should not take pride in it, because this has not been by his own power, but by the Holy Spirit who is acting in the disciple. For indeed the teacher cannot instill in the disciple what he himself does not have.
May 31
Moral doctrine, which is universal by definition and by distribution, cannot be called spiritual knowledge, but rather material. To speak and to dispute about God, about the angels, and about the properties of things, without a pure life is not spiritual knowledge. In short, the more one wants to learn and teaches higher and subtle things without a pure life, the more he exposes himself to greater ruin.

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