May 26, 2009


Over the last few years I have become familiar with the many writings and teachings of St. Anthony Zaccaria. Two years ago a Barnabite friend gave me a statue of St. Anthony Zaccaria. The statue has the Saint holding a crucifix of Christ Crucified in his right hand close to his heart. His left hand holds the Holy Eucharist atop a Bible, and near his feet is a medical shield to commemorate his years as a physician prior to becoming a priest. The statue is absolutely beautiful.
When I moved to a new apartment earlier this year, I knew that I wanted to give this statue a prominent place in my living room. I created a little nook devoted to St. Anthony. Gazing at the statue each day brings to mind St. Anthony's many fine attributes. For example, his energy knew no bounds and he was never too busy to help those less fortunate.
He persevered in the face of adversity. That is an inspiration to me when some of life's challenges seem overwhelming. Having the statue nearby, for that reason, has a calming effect on me.
The Saint's disdain for "lukewarmness" is another source of inspiration. Sometimes taking the easy way out of a difficult situation is very tempting to me. If I think of Saint Anthony, I'm reminded that we are all called to do our best in order to be worthy servants of the Lord. St. Anthony's deep, deep love for Jesus inspires me to be more appreciative of the friends and family who the Lord has placed in my life. These individuals help to make my life journey a little easier.

The statue is, and will remain, a very cherished possession.

By Fran Stahlecker

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