July 2, 2009

Zaccarian Spirituality Lived Today - No. 3

2. How does the life and vocation of St. Anthony Zaccaria inspire priestly and religious vocations?
by. Sr. Rorivic Ma. P. Israel, ASSP

St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria Left All for Christ

Behind and before him, lay a promising life. St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria left such a promising life for Christ.  
St. Anthony was a son of a noble family. His father, Lazzaro, died when he was only a boy, making him an heir of a patriarchal inheritance – but all this he relegated to another relative to possess, not wanting his soul to be catapulted by its appeal.

He obtained his degree in medicine at 22 years old (1524): certainly this educational feat – and at such a very young age – held for him surmounting possibilities and a bright future. But he left them all for Christ.

St. Anthony Mary felt the call of Christ in his heart while serving the sick in their homes and in the hospitals. He realized deep within that Christ’s call was not only for the "physically" sick, but for the "spiritually" sick as well.

Four years later (1528), St. Anthony Mary was ordained a priest. Anyone would notice the promptness of his yielding to Christ. "Not later", but "now" seemed to be his word.
The fervor of his youth was "wantonly" used for Christ: which would explain his death of exhaustion at a young age of 36. Yes, he exhausted all his physical and spiritual energy: serving, proclaiming, and accomplishing every task Christ Crucified called him to do.

St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria proves to be an inspiration for anyone who wants to follow Christ. His example was: promptness and fervent service for Christ and His Kingdom.

St. Anthony Mary is the founder of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul (Barnabites), the Angelic Sisters of St. Paul, and the Laity of St. Paul.

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