January 7, 2008


January 1
Begin doing good, and you will necessarily go forward and become better persons. Sermon IV
January 2
God is not like man who often begins doing something, but does not bring it to fulfillment. God, my dear friends, is unchangeable. Sermon I
January 3
I give thanks to God, for in His mercy He does not treat me as I deserve. Letter I
January 4
It is quite true, that God has made man’s spirit unstable and changeable in order that man would not abide in evildoing. So that, once in possession of the good, he would not stop short, but would step up from one good to a higher one, and to a loftier one still. Letter II

January 5
Advancing from virtue to virtue, we might reach the summit of perfection. Letter II
January 6
Let us run like madmen not only toward God but also toward our neighbors, who alone can be the recipients of what we cannot give to God, since He has no need of our goods. Letter II

January 7
If we, dear friends, do not take the proper measures against this evil weed, it will produce in us a pernicious effect, I mean negligence, which is totally contrary to God’s ways. Letter II
January 8
When you have something important to do, you must think it over and over and, as it were, ruminate upon it; but after such serious reflection and after having sought proper advice, you should not delay executing your project; for the primary requirement in God’s ways is expeditiousness and diligence. Letter II
January 9
I set out to answer it only after kneeling a long time before the Crucifix on your behalf, for I think it is necessary to learn from Him what I have to teach you. Letter III
January 10
First, give yourself to prayer in the morning and at night, as well as at any other hour within a set schedule or not, in any position, and most of all before you start your professional work, usually without any set order, for a short or a long time, as God may grant it to you. Letter III
January 11
Discuss with Christ everything that may be happening to you: your doubts and your difficulties, especially the hardest ones. Present to Him your reasons, thoroughly but as briefly as possible. Letter III
January 12
Present to Him your reasons. Then, only propose to Him the solution you think is the right one or, even better, ask for His opinion; for He will not refuse it if you gently insist. I can assure you that He will let Himself be compelled to give it to you, if, again, you really want to have it. Letter III
January 13
I am indeed deeply convinced that you can learn more about human laws directly from the legislator than from anybody else, especially when that legislator [God] is himself the rule and the pattern of all things, and knows how to explain and disentangle the sophisms of the devil. Letter III
January 14
If, one can unite himself to God, even in the midst of worldly distractions, how much more easily will he be able to unite himself to Him in circumstances more favorable to recollection? Letter III

January 15
Enter into conversation with Jesus Crucified as familiarly as you would with me; and discuss with Him all or just a few of your problems, according to the time at your disposal. Letter III
January 16
You, my dear friend, cannot do without the constant lifting up of the mind to God; for the greater the danger and the more important the matter, a steadier application and sharper sight are required from you. Letter III
January 17
What seems to be impossible in itself becomes very easy with God’s help if only we do not refuse Him our cooperation and that diligent practical commitment with which He has endowed us. Letter III
January 18
By nature, man finds it difficult to be recollected and, much more so, to be united with God because his spirit is naturally driven in different directions and is unable to focus on one thing. Letter III
January 19
If you want to maintain your union with God and, at the same time, to go on working, talking, thinking, reading, and taking care of your affairs as usual, often lift up your minds to God for a long or a short period. Letter III
January 20
Chat with God and ask His advice on all your affairs, whatever they may be, whether spiritual or temporal, whether for yourself or for other people.If you practice this way of prayer, I can assure you that little by little you will derive from it both great spiritual profit and an ever-greater love relationship with Christ. Letter III
January 21
First and foremost, watch how anything concerning yourself or others is begun, whether foreseeable or not, whether at work or at play. Letter III
January 22
Before starting your activities, offer Jesus a few words of your choosing; then during your work often lift up your mind to God. You will benefit much and there will be no detriment to your job. Letter III
January 23
In your meditation, prayers, and thoughts, strive to pinpoint your principal defects, most of all the chief one, the Captain-General, as it were, which dominates all the others. Letter III
January 24
If you follow the practice, [ of often lifting up mind to God] you will get used to praying easily and without detriment to your work or to your health; you will be praying incessantly, even while drinking, eating, acting, talking, studying, writing, etc.; and the external actions will not hinder the interior ones and vice versa. Letter III
January 25
Unfurl your flags, for Jesus Crucified is about to send you to proclaim everywhere the vital energy of the Spirit. Letter V
January 26
The Holy Spirit, the Paraclete will not let you go wrong; rather He will teach you everything. He will not let you lose heart, but will always remain with you. He will not leave you in need, but will provide you with everything. Letter V

January 27
You can be sure that, before you speak and in the very moment of speaking, Jesus Crucified will anticipate and accompany, not only every word of yours, but your every holy intention. Letter VI
January 28
The Holy Spirit will grant you, in particular, a continuous spirit of self-abandonment on the ignominious cross, and lead you to a life conformed to Christ's according to the pattern of the great saints. Consequently, you will be able to say with your Father, "be imitators of us as we are of Christ." Letter V
January 29
Anyone willing to become a spiritual person begins a series of surgical operations in his soul. One day he removes this, another day he removes that, and relentlessly proceeds until he lays aside his old self. Letter IX
January 30
I have prayed Jesus Crucified. I do not want any one thing from Him, unless He grants you the same, to your mind and heart. Letter VIII
January 31
No, I greatly desire that you become great saints, since you are well equipped to reach this goal, if you will it. All that is required is that you really mean to develop and give back to Jesus Crucified, the good qualities and graces He has given you. Sermon IV

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