January 19, 2008


1. Love’s first principle is knowledge.

2. Love is a unifying virtue between the lover and the beloved, which transforms one to the other.

3. Love is the foundation of every good and of every evil, of every peace and of every war, of every fear and every concern, of every fervor and enthusiasm, and of every other passion.

4. Earthly love has eyes closed and does not see; therefore, any love such as this must be suspicious.

5. He who is perfectly capable of controlling love could in every way be victorious over all passions put together.

6. He who does not restrain love through the use of reason will surely fall into the pit of sin.

7. One who is not deceived by love is divine rather than human.

8. He who has not governed love with much prayer and other spiritual exercises, and says he does not sin against it, is not worthy to be believed in.

9. We manifest our love for God in our observance of his commandments and in our readiness to obey even his smallest decree.Dec 10. One who is victorious over love is victorious over all other passions.

11. True love is the source of all perfection; false love is the source of all imperfection.

12. Sometimes the beloved does not reciprocate with the same intensity of love. But as it is,
13. Even though sometimes it seems to diminish, love always grows, since it tends toward the infinite. It is like fire that always grows stronger and becomes bigger.

14. Since every person is an image of God, His love cannot dwell in those who do not love their neighbor.

15. Worldly love aims at pleasing everyone and saddening no one. Many call this politeness, but it is simply self-praise and flattery.

16. Worldly love may seem to perceive many things, but it is actually blind because it is rooted in vanity and not in truth. Therefore, it delights in plays, recreation, and shows.

17. Worldly love is nothing more than loving oneself.

18. Self-love has no interest in leaving the comforts of this life.

19. It is difficult to free oneself from self-love; however, this should encourage us, since the more difficult it becomes, the more praiseworthy it would be.

20. If you wish to get rid of self-love, purify your intentions, and in every action, seek what is pure and what alone will give honor to God.

21. In heaven, self-love shall have no more blemish or misery. It shall be transformed into fullness of joy in God.

22. The power of Divine love exceeds all other love. As it increases, it consumes the soul, which finds its rest in God.
23. Many profess their desire to love God merely with lip service. Few, however, are those who truly want to love Him.

24. One's love for God should be limitless. Honoring God with conditions is dishonoring Him.

25. God's love for His people is the source of all their goodness. His love spurs them to reciprocate and give Him honor.

26. The reason for acquiring, preserving, and increasing Divine love lies in one's deep desire to imitate Christ and to put into practice every virtuous act.

27. Only God's love makes a person noble. Without God’s love, he is ignoble, even if he were to be lord of the world.

28. The more immersed one is in God's love, the more he grows toward perfection.

29. A holy person by despising himself truly loves himself.
30. True love of God knows no pain and fears nothing. It does not seek any reward. The lesser it seeks, the greater it receives.

31. God's love does not diminish in the midst of torment, calamity, or infamy. Instead, it increases to an even-greater degree.

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