February 20, 2009

Feb 20, 2009 - St. Anthony Mary's 480th Anniversary Priestly Ordination

In 1529, February 20, at age 26, he was ordained. God’s deep love for Anthony Mary was shown by the following miracle. It was recorded by all the contemporary Cremonese historians and attested in the process of canonization.

            It was the custom in those days, as it is now, that a priest's first mass should be celebrated with great pomp and solemnity and that a banquet should then be given in the house of the newly-ordained. Anthony Mary, who disliked all show and pomp, requested that all exterior solemnities be avoided, for he longed to be alone to celebrate for the first time in quiet and recollection the Divine Mysteries. Absorbed in meditating on the great Sacrifice and his heart burning with love for God, he went to the foot of the altar. A profound and religious silence prevailed among those present, and all eyes were turned on him, a sign of the great event about to take place. At the solemn moment of consecration, a marvelous light encircled him and a multitude of Angels descended, and surrounding him, assisted reverently at the Mass. This heavenly vision lasted until the end of Communion. The joy and astonishment of those present can only be imagined. The report of the miracle quickly spread through the city and each one thanked God in his heart, sure that the new priest must be the angel sent from heaven for the salvation of the people and so, indeed, it proved to be.

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