April 1, 2009

What’s in the Perpetual Calendar of St. Anthony?

By Sr. Rorivic Ma. P. Israel, A.S.P.Add Image

It’s a work of two people who showed great confidence in each other’s gift and who trusted in their Holy Founder’s prompting and inspiration. 

Fr. Robert proposed this project to me the other year (2007), to make a perpetual calendar of St. Anthony. Being a simple person, I felt I didn’t have the capability to do such task. So I argued modestly. But his encouraging and brotherly speeches persuaded me to comply with his 
“demands.” Didn’t I also feel undeserving to work with Fr. Robert? Yes, I did.

It looked like the dream wasn’t coming true. Days passed, and months passed, nothing had been started yet. Did St. Anthony become impatient with us? And mind you, St. Anthony was a person of fervor, and he does things without “irresoluteness”! 

It must be St. Anthony’s plan to send me back to the Philippines. So this actually prompted Fr. Robert and me to roll up our sleeves and begin the work. Before I ever leave the U.S., I have to complete this work with Fr. Robert. That must be in the mind of our Holy Founder.

We sat together before the computer and read over the lines of the writings of St. Anthony. We decided together the quotations. In short, it was a rather taxing job – and for days! And yet, the work was not finished until I flew back to my homeland. But there was no losing hope, for all the while, St. Anthony prepared the arena for me. 

Only few days after I arrived in the Philippines, my superior decided to buy a new computer for the community. PLUS! Connected to the Internet. 

Didn’t I wonder why all these things were taking place? Exactly, St. Anthony wanted me to finish the job! 

So I would exchange ideas with Fr. Robert through the net. To make the story short we were able to complete the CALENDAR! 

Thanks to St. Anthony. It was indeed a great pleasure working with him and for him. Thanks also for my Bro., Fr. Robert who believed in my talents in “correcting errors” and “making comments”! It wasn’t easy, by the way. 

I won’t end without saying that Fr. Robert had been so diligent in doing his part. How many “sleepless nights” and “empty stomachs” did you have Father?

Together, Fr. Robert and I both say to our layout artist, Greg Gambino: Great job, Greg! And to Mr. Mike McKay: Thank you for being so generous! May God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Hello dear brother (Fr.) Robert,

What a great article and what a great calendar about a great Saint.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
Blessings to you!

St. Anthony Mary Z. Pray for us!

Luciano from Canada

Anonymous said...

Hello Sr. Rorivic,

WOW!..bakit now lang po nyo naisipang gawin to?

Congrats for a JOB WELL DONE! You are really great...

My Regards to all the Sisters.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sr. Vic,

WOW! sana noon nyo pa ginawa to. It's great!..really.

Congrats for a JOB WELL DONE!
My warm greetings to all the Sisters. Ciao!