September 26, 2009

Paul of Tarsus: A Historical-literal Reexamination in the Post-biblical Tradition by Fr. Giovanni Rizzi, CRSP

ISBN 978-1-61623-752-3
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1- The Life and Letters of Paul: A Summary

2. Paul in the Pauline Corpus

-Paul the Writer
-The literary genre of the letter in the New Testament
-Authenticity, pseudonymy, pseudepigraphy and the commission of a letter
-Epistolary Style and Authenticity in the Pauline Corpus
-Epistolaries in comparison
-Originality and Content of Paul the Writer
-The epicenter of Paul’s thought
-Jesus Christ the New Adam
-Gospel and Mission
-The Community
-In expectation of the return of the Lord

3. Paul’s Gospel

-The ‘gospel’ before Paul in the Jewish and Hellenistic world
-The Gospel which Paul received and transmitted
-To walk according to the Spirit

4. Paul in the Acts of the Apostles
-An established hermeneutic of the Acts of the Apostles
-Towards an hermeneutic more in harmony with the literary genre of the work
-The function of the figure of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles

5. The Anti-Pauline Polemic in the Tannaite Teacher’s
-Preliminary questions of hermeneutical perspectives
-Questions related to the dating of the intertestamental and rabbinical literature and of the bet- midrush
-Does there exist a literary genre of ant-Christian polemic?
-Traces of anti-Christian polemic in the Targums?
-Anti-Pauline polemical elements the Tannaite teachers and traditions.
-A different concept of ‘faith’
-Pauline antinomianism
-Biblical-Jewish anthropology
-Universalism and the true Israel
-The election of Israel
-Messianism, eschatology, redemption and Christology
-The Divine Name

6. Relecture of the Figure of Paul in the Christian Apocryphal Literature
-Relecture of Paul in the patristic traditions
-Relectures of Paul in popular Christian traditions
-The apocryphal Christian literature
-The ancient catalogues of the Christian apocrypha
-The material of the apocryphal traditions relating to Paul of Tarsus
-The apocryphal traditions concerning Paul from the 2nd to the 3rd centuries
-The Letter to the Laodicaeans
-The Letter to the Alexandrians
-The Kerygma or Preaching of Paul
-The Kerygma Petrou
-The literary genre of apocalyptic
-The Gnostic Apocalypse of Paul
-The Acts of Peter
-The Acts of Paul
-The Apocalypse of Paul
-The apocryphal traditions about Paul in the fourth-fifth centuries
-The Correspondence between Seneca and Paul
-The Passion of Paul of pseudo-Linus
-The Acts of Peter and Paul of the pseudo-Marcellus
-Acts and Martyrdom of the Apostle St. Barnabas
-The Revelation of Stephen and the Epistle of Lucian
-Epistle of Titus, disciple of Paul, concerning the mode of living in the state of chastity
-Acts and martyrdom of Peter and Paul of the pseudo-Abdias
-The Dominical Letter
-The Apocalypse of Andrew and Paul
-The Acts of Andrew and Paul
-The Letter of James to Quadratus
-A proposal for a synthesis

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